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Chaps & Chinks
Rodeo, Cutting, Reining, Show, Chinks for work or show
Chaps and chinks are a very personal piece of cowboy gear.  Each pair is crafted and fit to the specific needs and use of the individual.  The options are practically limitless; this allows each person to get exactly what they want and need.  Click on the measurment link for a diagram of a few simple measurements you can take so I can build a pair to fit you.
rodeo chaps with 2 tone pink trim

Rodeo Chaps


Many different options are available in rodeo chaps from plain 1 or 2 colors to chaps that include hair-on or embroidered underlays. 
Options include:
  • 1, 2, 3 colors or full hair-on
  • tooled belt & leg pieces
  • tooled bottom leg pieces
  • 1 or 2 color fringe
  • 4",6", or 8" fringe
  • brands or initials
  • rawhide applique
  • nickle spots
  • hair-on, embroidered, beaded underlay
  • loop braided fringe
  • reinforced knees for bronc riders
  • silver buckles and/or conchos
chinks with hair on underlay



This pair is an example of a few of the options available in both chinks and chaps.  Notice the loop braid at the top of each piece of fringe and the nickle spot on each fringe. 
The tooled belt and leg pieces have calf hair-on underaly and the long tooled piece really sets of the design of the chinks.
Rawhide applique is used throughout the chinks and a single silver and copper concho holds the belt on the chinks.
I use copper rivets and the highest quality latigo for the buckles.
Chinks can be crafted to buckle in either the front or the back depending on individual preference.
reining chaps with silver basket stamp conchos

Cutting & Reining Chaps 


Cutting, Reining, Show and Reined Cowhorse are unique diciplines with individuals who have specific requirements for material, look and fit.  I have been building chaps for 20 years and can accomodate any need. 
Options include:
  • zippers or 5 buckles on leg
  • suade or chap leather
  • Colors
  • tooled belt pieces
  • tooled leg pieces
  • tooled bottom leg pieces
  • 4",6", or 8" fringe
  • cuff width
  • hair-on, embroidered, beaded underlay
  • nickle spots
  • rawhide applique
  • loop braided fringe
  • silver buckles and /or conchos
chinks with front pockets
Working Chaps and Chinks 
Working chaps and chinks can be made from leather that is as light or heavy and each person would like. 
Typically working chaps and chinks are fairly plain but I am happy to incororate brands or initials into the belt pieces.
Zippers or buckles can be used on the legs depending on preference and pockets can be incorporated into the legs, either up on the thigh or down lower on the outside of the leg.
reining chaps with silver plates

Silver & Chaps


I can hand craft custom silver unique to each pair or get silver from several suppliers if you have something already in mind.
The silver to the left is crafted specifically to each leather piece on the legs and is cast with a sunburst pattern.
By making the silver for each pair I am able to blend the silver into the piece so it is complimentary and does not overwelm the chaps.
batwing chaps with floral basket combinations

Batwing Chaps 


I have several patterns for batwings.  The pair to the left is based on a 1930's Hamely pattern.  I have completely tooled and stamped the length of the leg with a combination of floral (lilly Pattern) and herring bone basket stamp.
In addition to batwings chaps I also build leggings based on a historic pattern that I have. 
Full hair-on and angora are options along with silver and rawhide.