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custom leather gun belt and holster
Gun leather is crafted from 15 oz. Herman Oak skirting leather for durability and performance. 
Gun belts are line with the same quality leather that I back all of my tack with to enshure
 the leather keeps its shape.
Many different stlyes of holsters are available, even historic replica can be designed or copied,
depending on your preference.  Don't be afraid to have the piece made you have always wanted,
not just something everyone else has.
Check out the gallery page for many more styles and combinations.
Shoulder Holsters, rifle scabbards and gun belts: 
leather .44 magnum holster
.44 magnum holster and ranger style gun belt.

Deep fit pocket for use in mounted hunting in rugged terrain.
18 bullet loops, one piece holster, and a concho for a touch of bling.
30-30 rifle scabbard for a saddle
30-30 rifle scabard designed for use on a saddle. 

Rawhide applique and nickle spots for decoration with a double boarder sunburst pattern.
Stainless steal buckles with straps of latigo, can be made unlined or lined with your preference of materiels.
Browning 9mm shoulder holster with 2 magazines. 

Designed to be extra slender and to fit under a suit jacket and unnoticeable as possible.
Front and back adjustments, holster adjustments for fit and to hang at any angle.